Our Services

  1. Japan Project support service
  2. R&D support in Electronic
  3. 3D Software platform design
  1. We offer a Japan Project support service in three steps:

The first phase is the analysis of your offer and the global market demand. Then, we build a solid business proposal and evaluate the market and competition worldwide and more specifically in Japan. This “discovery and communication” phase allows us to have a clear vision of the project. It also allows us to start to build a pitch on the strong points of the project.

The second phase is the preparation of marketing material and presentation as well as a demo kit corresponding to Japanese customers expectations. Simultaneously we finalize the market assessment and identify the potential partners and make first step contacts.

The third phase consist in the selection of a short list of customers of partners for the project and final preparation of demo kit and marketing material. Then we start advance talk with those Japanese companies and negotiation support. We help the customer or negotiate on his behalf selling, licensing or joint development contracts.

We also provide on demand custom service corresponding to your specific case.

Followup and representation service:

Furthermore we offer followup support to ongoing projects and for creation of local structure. We also propose representation service for customers not willing to setup a legal structure in Japan.

2. Our R&D laboratory TRC in Mauritius working jointly with Mauritius University can support research project in Electronic and produce high quality reports as well as professional grade prototypes.

3. Our new 3D software platform design service in partnership with a well known web design company includes:

  • Design of 3D model by photogrammetry and use of Lidar, 360 pictures tour and 360 video.
  • Creation of 3D platform for business, event, tourism, productivity, training, entertainment, education or social media using Unity and other 3D software.
  • Design of B2B and B2C web solutions to offer immersive and rich experience to expend your online business.