We are a team of engineers with experiences ranging from French army fighter pilot to Alcatel technology marketing specialist in Japan. Our love for challenge, technology excellence and innovation led us together to work in Japan with the best R&D teams.

Our team members have been working for 20 years in Japan on new technologies assessment and projects developments. We have strong experience in R&D, Project Management, Purchasing, Marketing, Contracting and Audit.

In 2006, TMMS Co Ltd was created in Kyoto to help French engineers in their Japanese projects. Since then we have been helping non Japanese private inventors and small companies to successfully develop great ideas into solid patents and successful projects with Japanese companies.

We won for our customers and managed successfully long joint developments projects with major companies in Japan and since 2015 in Germany. In 2019, with new projects in Japan we are re centering our activity in Kyoto with a special attention to Kansai area but also to Yamanashi.

Our efforts helped the production of more than 120 patents and the industrialization of applications such as the world first iPad 10W wireless charging sleeve in 2011 in Japan. We have been active on a wide range of technologies including LiFePO4 batteries, power converters, PCB and wireless charging for AGV and EV.

Our main area of expertise is Electronic and we gathered a strong know how on high efficiency power conversion, capacitive coupling wireless power transfer and new solutions for higher power density for Electric Car and IoT.

A few examples of our projects presented in the past years at CEATEC in Tokyo