Citizen Of The Earth


citizen of the world

Everyday think 3R !


means that we must be careful not to waste, use long lasting equipment and work at the origin of what create the pollution.



means that we must give you preference to recyclable goods and do sorting and recycling in our trashes, avoiding valuable energy or material source to be wasted.



means that before throwing away we must think about how to make the good usable again or using it for different purpose, or give to someone who will know how to re-use what we don’t need or want to use anymore.


Area of research on Sustainable Development Solutions

  • Clean, Safe and Renewable energies like PV
  • Natural Lighting
  • Smart Grid software and equipment
  • Standardization of power for household equipments
  • Optimized Power plant and Fuel Cell Generator
  • Catalyst and other filtering methods
  • Optimized House to reduce energy loss
  • Optimized urban transportation system
  • Use of clean transportation means
  • Use of biomass material for manufacturing
  • Reforestation and growth of biofuel
  • Promotion of green spaces outside and inside
  • Optimized combustion in engines
  • Optimized equipment to reduce consumption
  • Carbon underground trapping technology
  • Reduction of loss of energy in power transfer
  • Diagnosis of high power consumption equipment