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We work closely with the most experienced Japaneses companies to Promote, Develop and Industrialize our Customers Technological Innovations in Electronic.


  • 2015.07.22TMMS Japan is proud to announce that in September 2015 our new French company will start its activity in Lyon, France. This new company will focus on development for applications based on our field of expertise in power conversion, high frequency/high voltage generation and wireless power transfer.
    Our first customer is in the automotive industry but we will also address medical equipment and infrastructures, support to automatism for logistic and manufacturing solutions and specific consumers applications such as robotic.
  • 2015.07.03TMMS Japan was part of INNOROBO, the biggest robotic and factory automatism show in Europe thanks to our French partner Axandus that is helping us in our European business expansion.
    We presented possible application of capacitive coupling for supplying power to robots from the floor they are standing on thanks to a few mm thin carpet.
  • 2014.09.24In preparation for CEATEC 2014 we made a short video of all that was achieved over the past few years with our partner Murata Mfg with as a latest accomplishment a 35W compact module set for Laptop using Capacitive Coupling! Come and check it at CEATEC in Tokyo from 7th of October 2014.

  • 2014.09.09Kantan Labs, TMMS Research Center online shopping for demo and educational material for all related to the use of electric and magnetic distant forces in continuous media is now available!
  • 2014.03.07We are deeply saddened to announce that Mr Shioya Masanori, our Marketing Director passed away the first of March. He will be remembered for is everlasting good mood and honesty. We will strive to maintain the standard of high ethic he set for TMMS during the past 8 years. Farewell Shioya san!
    Farewell Shioya san!
  • 2013.10.03TMMS wireless charging technology demonstrated again this year at Murata Mfg booth at CEATEC 2013 with few millimeters thickness charging pad for a laptop delivering 30W with receiving module integrated in a functional laptop. Also demonstrated see through charging accessory for iPhone5S.

  • 2012.10.03 At Ceatec 2012, Murata present, in collaboration with Intel and Kokuyo, office desks equipped with capacitive coupling system powering a laptop (25W) and an iPhone (5W) as well as a see through stand for iPad (10W).

  • 2012.09.27 Intel, Murata and Kokuyo to present wireless charging desks prototype using TMMS technology at CEATEC 2012.
    wireless desks FLIRT 25Wwireless desks 25W
  • 2012.02.10 A sushi chain restaurant in Tokyo area as the first company to use iPad2 wireless charger at all tables for customers to place their orders.
    airvoltage ipad2 wireless charger at sushi restaurant
  • 2012.01.05 TMMS President was attending CES 2012 in Las Vegas again this year, representing our customers at this world class venue.
  • 2011.11.25 Hitachi Maxell’s Air Voltage for iPad2 powered by FLIRT technology (Capacitive Coupling technology introduced and supported by TMMS) on sale in Japan.
  • 2011.09.28 World’s first!! Production starts for Field-Coupled Wireless Power transmission Module—Used in Hitachi Maxell’s Air Voltage for iPad2— based on capacitive coupling technology introduced and supported by TMMS.
  • 2011.09.15 Joint Production by Nissha and Murata Mfg of Prototype Wireless Recharging Housing for Mobile Devices based on capacitive coupling technology introduced and supported by TMMS.
  • 2011.09.05 CEATEC 2011 from 4th to 8th to October in Makuhari Messe, Tokyo. We were there and our customers technologies was visible at Murata Mfg and several other booths. ceatec2011 CEATEC 2011 FLIRT Technology from left: 5W and 10W modules and Nissha insert molded electrode casing, Laptop demo, iPhone4 demo, iPhone4 sleeve and smartphone back casing with electrode integrated, iPad2 Air Voltage product.
  • 2011.02.15 TMMS Research Center Ltd. established in Mauritius with as first customer Murata Mfg for research support on capacitive coupling wireless power transfer.
  • 2011.01.25 iPad and Kindle wireless and free positioning charger demo using TMMS technology and Murata ready for commercial use 10W module at CES2011 in Las Vegas, covered by e.nikkei.com and Hacked Gadget .
  • 2010.10.12 TMMS Co Ltd Wireless Power Transfer technology presented at CEATEC 2010 on Murata and Hosiden booths. ceatec2010 From the left: At CEATEC 2010 Murata Wireless Power Generator and Receiver 3W Module, Murata Boy demo charging on it’s See Through Vertical Wireless Stand, Wireless Charging System stand on Murata booth and See Through Thin Charging Sheet on Hosiden booth.