From Smart phone to Tablet PC passing by…eReader and Gaming Device

Many news are coming about a lot of new tablet pc arriving to compete with iPad and even Apple would be bringing on a smaller version of the iPad but for most of tablet pc users only too factors are important ” is it easy to use and carry?” and “does the battery last long?” so all will depends on the display size, operating system, software, silicon muscle inside and the battery.
About the easy to use and carry, were is what Mr Mobile Business Man has to say:
“Using Apple products as reference I would put the iPad 9.7inch in the business tools range, iPhone 3.5inch and all the smart-phone in fun/mobile range who can do so much but that you can’t really use due to size of the screen and all the 7inch range new tablet pc in e-reader and gaming device range.
This is based on input and portability criteria. To work seriously you need a minimum size for a usable virtual keyboard and finger pointing interaction, 9.7inch do it just fine.
I used PDA back ten years ago and it never been for me more that a portable note, basic gaming and music player due to the size of the screen. Since I have my iPad I use my smartphone only to call, painfully slow typing chat on Skype, taking memo pictures and read ebooks, the screen is too small for my old eyes to do anything else for long.
The gamer in me get rapidly get frustrated by fingers hiding all the action and that’s why I see 7 inch as a good size for easy to handle gaming device and to read ebooks or newspapers in the train (and maybe also to replace a car navigation system). Sadly at Ceatec 2010 I did not see any 7inch tablet powerful enough to be a good gaming device.
Off course all this stand only until we get those nice head mounted display using viewfinder combined with movement recognition to type and interact with virtual display but here I am getting off topic…”