Tablet PC as the ultimate mobile working tool

We had laptop, heavy and power consuming, much more like a way to bring work back home than on the go.
Came PDA and portability of office software but then battery life was lacking.
Then came the net-book, lighter than laptop but also much less powerful, a solution for short business trip and linux users, and last spring came the iPad.
This Tablet PC almost 10inch screen might look like a big fancy gadget but well complemented with apps and accessories it became the new best friend of some mobile business men. Just like the cybofax from Peter Hamilton’s books it just gives you all you need in a very simple device (except for voice operated control).
Take an iPad, add to it a Dropbox, iWork, GoodReader and configure your email and calendar and here you are ready for work! If you don’t have 3G just get a mobile wireless router and now you can access your files, work and create and have fun anywhere!

An example of the daily life of Mr Mobile Business Man :
“I like to drink a coffee at Starbuck in the morning on the way to my office on Sanjyo street in Kyoto. I seat at a table, turn my iPad cover as a 30 degree stand and check my email box and then my customers dedicated outlook Internet mail box on the web browser, I open and save attached files from the mailbox or just browse my documents in my cloud. I also put my iPhone on the table and start Skype to keep chating while working on the iPad (at least until November). Then I check news on Thomson Reuters and exchange rates on Swissquote. Sadly it’s time to pack everything and go to the office. Arrived at the office I just put my iPad on the desk and use it as secondary… well in fact fourth display and has a portable mean to show things to colleagues or customers without having to print them. So I find a way to follow my Eco commitment while keeping improving my working tools and style.”

Soon are coming many new tablet PC but a 7ish inch display might not play the trick as it will not be small enough and yet not big enough. For my part I will stick to my iPad.