About Photovoltaic Energy in Japan

If you looked for a solar panel 20 years ago in every day’s life your only chance to find one was a big calculator or in the news on a satellite or a very remote place. Today you can still find those calculator but Photovoltaic energy is everywhere around (haven’t it always been anyway?).

From wrist watch to lighting equipment in off grid area, on the roofs and walls of houses, offices and factories with constant esthetic improvement, in roads and natural parks infrastructures, solar power plants and of course still on satellite just to mention some of the current applications.

Solar panel had evolved a lot since the first products. With different technologies like Mono or Poly Crystalline Silicon, Amorphous Silicon single and multi junction and other new Thin film technologies and CIGS.

TMMS is in Japan, just next to Kyocera, Sharp and Sanyo and not far from Mitsubishi. Kansai area has a very high concentration of PV cell and module factories.Sharp PV Cells are manufactured in Nara, Kyocera in Shiga and Sanyo in Osaka and Mitsubishi in Iida, half way between Kyoto and Tokyo, with their PV Cell R&D in Hyogoken in Kansai area of course.

In this country owning half of the Word’s market of photovoltaic cell and modules and at the edge of new technologies we study all the major actors’ moves and we can provide the most accurate view on the market and leaders’ technological roadmap to our customers to choose the good partner to supply them PV cell, PV modules and electronic peripherals like high efficiency and reliability inverters.

Colorful PV at Smart Grid Exhibition 2010
PV in color