Hybrid car and Green mobility

Car is a part of our life style but it is also one of the tools of the global warming so let’s think about what can be done to help earth to cool down.

You can avoid taking your car for short distance as your exhaust pipe catalyst filtering require a high enough temperature to filter efficiently and therefore you are polluting a lot during the warming. You can also try to use public transportation for more efficient use of fuel, just mind the pickpocket please.

If you definitely need your car then adopt a calm driving and avoid pumping on your accelerator, change gear without going too high in rpm (if you are not yet on automatic like in Japan) and refrain from going at excessive speed. All this will reduce your gas emission and also help you to keep your gasoline and car maintenance budget lower. A car well maintained and tires at the right pressures will save you liters of carburant and improve the safety of people onboard.

If you want to do more you can then decide to buy a car with Variable Cylinder Management like models from Honda able to use 3 of the 6 cylinders in certain conditions to reduce consumption or even those new clean Diesel engine cars from Toyota.

If you are really convinced of the importance to fight Greenhouse Gas then you will buy a hybrid car, companies like Toyota and Honda are offering today a wide panel of model for hybrid car like Prius or Civic. The ultimate solution would be a fuel cell car but let’s keep that for the next article called Hybrid and Fuel Cell powered car.

New fuel like Hydrogen, Methanol and other Bio-fuel are coming also to the front scene as well as fuel cell and solar panel adapted for car. Liquid Gas engine was a first and easy step to reduce pollution in center of cities but addressed more the smog than the real problem as this gas is also non renewable. LG engine taxi are already the standard everywhere in Japan for many years, easy when for taxi car there was until very recently only one model authorized for the all country, the Toyota Crown. This type of deal was made also between Shanghai government and Volkswagen, all Shanghai taxi where Santana VW with many LG engines. Citroen did it too in a city that I forgot in Chine like many others I am sure but recently, as all good things have an end, Chinese and Korean model are taking over the market at the remarkable exception in Shanghai of a new company using only Mercedes but definitely targeting a niche market and definitely not with clean engines yet.

So, to conclude as you can see there is many ways to help to reduce our dependence on polluting fuel and if weather is nice and it’s not too far why not taking a walk or your bicycle next time and enjoy the fresh air?