Hybrid and Fuel Cell powered car

Today when you buy a car you can choose to protect the environment and choose a hybrid car. A hybrid car is a vehicle with a propulsion system resulting of the combination of 2 power types that compensate each other weakness. Most of today’s hybrid cars are based on electrical and combustion power combination like for example in the Toyota Prius with in addition smart systems to recuperate mechanical power from braking.

Several methods are available for transfer of energy between the 2 sources and the car wheels and each manufacturer is working on mechanical and electronic solutions to optimize the system and provide to the driver the same or better comfort than a combustion engine.

Coming next, but already here like the Honda FCX, fuel cell powered car will bring Greenhouse Effect Gas emission down but only if the hydrogen used is not coming or produced using fossil energy. Also those Fuel cell powered vehicles will use batteries or ultra capacitors or both to have a constant power output from the fuel cell transferred to the battery for charge and use later and ultra capacitors able to charge and discharge high power instantly. Wind turbine and Solar Photovoltaic Panel are the best candidates for catalyze process to produce cleanly Hydrogen. Company like BP solar already plan to have above each BP gasoline station to provide renewable hydrogen to it’s customers and Honda is supplying Hydrogen small scale facility to it’s customer buying a Fuel Cell car. Honda is even going further in their partnership selection as they offer global house energy solution, not only for the car. In Japan Company like Panahome are working on this kind of global concept.

Let see what comes next…