My Prius Experience

Yes, I am proud to say that I was seating in the latest model of Toyota Prius Hybrid car in front of my home.

At first I could not take of my eyes from the display showing in real time the propulsion system switching and recharging on the battery. Regretfully this was not my car but thanks to my father in law who had the patience to wait 3 months to get this great car, here in Japan. On a private note, I use my bicycle to commute everyday, rain or snow but it’s not too hard when you work 10 minutes from home.

Anyway, that was a great experience to see in everyday’s life that without compromising anything the car lovers can experience green driving. Design, comfort and driving performance have nothing to envy to other cars of this type on regular propulsion and the silence is enjoyable when the electric engine only works.

I was able to see in Yokohama EVS 22 show many marvelous achievements but having this car in everyday’s life context really brings a meaning to all the working efforts we are devoting to renewable energy and sustainable development.