Heat pump for temperature regulation solution

With current global temperature increase everybody tries to cool down in summer in counties that never needed that in the past. Not addressing properly this problem will bring enormous waste of energy.

Anybody who visited a natural cave must have heard about the fact that going down 5 meters deep under the surface the average temperature is 15 Celsius degrees whatever the season is.

Companies in Japan developed very efficient means using this natural temperature regulation to cool in summer and warm in winter. Several schools and university are using this technology today to maintain the comfort of their students without ruining the environment they will evolve in. Those solutions can be applied best to passive houses that make use of new materials to avoid the thermal exchanges or in good old stone houses that would have been upgraded with new passive style windows and under roof.

A compromise between clean and non-clean energies comes with active heat pump systems that bring your hot water tank to 60 Celsius degrees by extracting external air heat even at -5 Celsius degrees but consume electricity but stays much more efficient than pure electrical heating. With air-conditioning machines flourishing a good combination seems evident putting together the cooling of your house with the warming of your hot water.

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