Mobile phone in Japan

Japan is the most advance country for Mobile phone design, even if few of the countries internal leaders succeed in exporting their products. Japanese market is very competitive and bring every 3 months new mobiles phones generations with many new functionalities and design.

Therefore Japanese components manufacturers are always developing new products to answer the never ending demand of Docomo and other Japanese Mobile phone network operators.

Mobile in Japan already have in standard product equipped with very big TFT or OLED  display in million colors VGA and color secondary display. Stereo speakers and full polyphonic and digitalized music processing is managed by dedicated chip. Joystick type pointer allow easy browsing and CCD 4 Millions pixel camera with zoom and secondary camera above main display for video phone calls guaranty digital camera functionality. Mini and Micro SD slot can bring the memory up to 4Go memory cards. RFID system allows use of your mobile phone as a payment terminal or information exchange in shops and restaurants and of course 3G download speed and recently 3.5G with N0902iX terminals.

You also have GPS system, Digital TV program receptor, finger identification, face identification, movement sensor, transceiver function for short distance call and many other hardware solutions.

Casing come with shiny or brushed metal scratch resistant cover, Diamond cut logo and hinged allowing opening shell type mobile with one finger and different stable angles of opening as well as axis. Some mobiles upper parts will turn to let you see on cinema like display the movie you downloaded or the TV digital program.

On software side, those mobile can run programs using Java, Linux, 3D graphics, browse the web and make use of the camera or other hardware to work as bar code readers for information capture, video recognition, games, MP3 players, video players, TV terminal, and many other applications.

Japan mobiles and mobile parts and software manufacturers are definitely to keep under checking to make sure that you design the best products.

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