Natural lighting

Offices, subways, malls, factories and houses all use lighting even during day time to brighten dark areas. Even if recent improvement in lighting bulb technology reduced significantly the energy used for this purpose, people who work most of the time under artificial lighting environment suffer of the lack of natural light.

Japanese companies have specialized in equipments to capture on the roof the sun light and bring it to all the areas. This can be lens, optic fibers or mirror light guiding through ventilation system for example.

Several companies in Japan including some car makers started using this technology in the design or renovation of their factories and warehouses, reducing the power consumption for lightning and improving the well being of the employees. Many schools and governmental institutions also adopted those technologies.

In addition this allows growing well plants indoor and improves atmosphere and the air while also very well suited for tropical fishes tank and jewelries requiring natural light to show all the beauty of their precious stones.

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